Monthly archives: April, 2009

Shasta Lemurian

Two Lost Coast Brewery team members made it out to Shasta Lemurian race in Whiskey Town CA. Brian Astell Threw down a massive effort good enough for 5th place in the pro mens division, while Matt Wittler pedaled his way to 10th overall. Race Reports to follow! That means you Brian!

Napa Valley Dirt Classic

Napa Valley Dirt Classic Things went well in my season opener at the Napa Valley Dirt Classic. Beautiful weather and a good turnout made for a great weekend. I was stoked to have a couple of teammates down to race with. Matt (13th Pro Men) and Emma (5th place Pro Women) both did well and…

EPIC Race Report: El Reto de los Volcanes

**FAIR WARNING: this is an epic tale… The visual imagery is here! In early April, Maureen traveled to San Jose for a 3-day mountain bike stage race. Here is a recap of her adventure: Sometime in the winter, Joy, my friend and fellow rookie mtb racer, sent me a very short email with lots of…

Grasshopper #3: Lake Sonoma

On Saturday, April 11, Emma and I (Maureen) rendezvous’d near Santa Rosa for a training ‘race’ around Lake Sonoma. This was my first Grasshopper race and the first ride on my NEW BIKE! Yes, only 12 hours old, my 2009 Marin Team Issue in beautiful blue and white was ready for its maiden voyage. Turns…

Cool Mtb Race

Mar 15th Matt and Maureen headed to The Cool Mtb Race in Cool Ca. Cool is a race that promises 3 things, mud, rain, and pain; and it always seems to deliver. It is cyclocross meets rocks, meets sweet singletrack. Like a good law and order episode for bikes, these are their stories. Ding ding….

El Reto de los Volcanes

On April 1 Maureen traveled to Costa Rica with her racing companion Joy for a 3-day mountain bike stage race. Here is her story:Several months ago Joy asked me if I wanted to race my bike in Costa Rica. Always keen for an adventure, I said YES! Now, having returned safely, I can say emphatically…

US Cup: Fontana, CA

Matt and Maureen traveled to the US Cup in Fontana on March 28-29. The race was dry and dusty and featured a new, harder course. We had a great time visiting with Gary and Maria from ESI Grips and Matt from Hayes Brakes. Look for some photos to be added along with race recaps soon!